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Want to Attract Clients with Exclusive Video?

Explain your business with a video animation!! We specialize in high conversion produce animated explainer videos that work well for your business or your website – our video animations Engage explain, educate and convert .Logo Design Inn is your right source of inspiration for your video animation production. We are a long-term partner in order to create, deploy and track the success of your video project.

We produce inspiring animations, for the highest quality of the invention that focuses on your business goals and fits perfectly with the brand of your existing business.

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Get Cutting-Edge Design Video Animation Services

At LogoDesignInn, we offers premium video animation solutions including custom explainer video and custom whiteboard animation. Our video animation services help in enhancing your brand recognition. The team of professional designers and experienced animators are always there to make animated videos the way you want.

You will get supreme quality custom made 2D and 3D animated videos at LogoDesignInn. The animated video packages are very affordable as compare to other video animation services providers.

The rising trend of video hosting platforms like YouTube and Daily Motions, and high rate of searching on internet has created the demand of animated videos. The browser compatibility and accessibility on all the devices from personal computers to mobile phones and tablets has also increased customers interests for custom explainer video and custom whiteboard animation. Hence, marketing and brand managers are taking advantage and are using animation to increase customers’ base.

LogoDesignInn Video Animation Services

At LogoDesignInn we offer following animated video development services at cheap rates:

• 2D Animation

• 3D Animation

• Custom Explainer Video

• Custom Whiteboard Animation Video

Extra-ordinary services that make us unique

LogoDesignInn is different from other video animation service providers as we offer following services along with the core packages:

In-depth Research

The professional team of designers and animators listen to your ideas and what you are expecting from our team. After receiving your creative brief, our dedicated team will conduct in-depth research of your product, company and industry. A dedicated project manager ascertains each and every detail of video animation whether it is 2D, 3D, custom explainer video or custom whiteboard animation aligned and fulfill your requirements.

Perfect Video Script

Being one of the best video animation services provider, our best script writers produce creative scripts that are precise and deliver your message in efficient and effective manner. We believe in creating script that has no communication barriers and can conveniently share the message with the right audience. Hence, we are confidence that the engaging content, proficient dialogues and influential taglines keep your audience interactive and leads them to call to action.

Strong Story Board

The main purpose of story board is to make your message clear, concise, concrete and complete. Strong story board ensures that your audience gets your message, attracts your target segment, create desires and leads them to take action. It helps in creating very good 2D, 3D, custom explainer video and custom explainer video. On the other hand, a weak story board will shatter your business message and it will end in nothing. It is story board that makes your animated video successful as it requires attention to detail process and use of innovative ideas.

Attractive Voice Over

Another significant thing is the use of attractive voice that effectively delivers your message. The professional voice over would be based on your business needs like whether a male voice over is needed or female one and in your specified language and accent.


At LogoDesignInn, you will get lively, static and dynamic characters. Moreover, the 2D and 3D video animation gives you the real life impact. In concise, we offer creative, innovative and dynamic video animation services at affordable prices that would strengthen your brand image in customers` mind.